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DNA Sequencing Facility

The Biology DNA Sequencing Facility has a single ABI 3130 XL DNA sequencing machine. This machine can process just over 300 DNA sequencing reactions a day. The use of the machine is shared between users with different needs. For low throughput users (anywhere from 10 100 rxns a month in small batches) individual samples are dropped off Monday - Friday at McDonald 112s before 10:30 am, the results of these reactions are usually posted to the department sequencing server that same day. Users with slightly larger demands (medium throughput users) can submit 50-200 samples at a time and receive substantial discounts on the per rxn cost but may need to wait longer for results. The final group of users, are the high throughput users who use the machine as part of their thesis or post-doctoral work. For these individuals understanding the machine in a fundamental way is an important part of their training. All high throughput users must share the total capacity of the machine not used by the low and medium throughput users.

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Name: Chris Shaffer

Location: McDonnell Hall 103

Hours: 10am-12pm (Sample Drop off anytime)

Washington University Biology Department:

Phone: 314-935-5078

Fax: 314-935-4432

E-mail: sequence@biology.wustl.edu