GFP-tagged (green) Physcomitrella filaments and leaflet. Chlorophyll is red. (Quatrano lab)
Arabidopsis thaliana 180-bp pericentromeric repeats were detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) (CEN in green) and HTR12 protein was immunolocalized (in red) in interphase nuclei from root tip cells. The DNA was counterstained with DAPI. From Woo et al., 2007.
Before and after deconvolution
A. thaliana nucleus
Arabidopsis thaliana interphase nucleus showing the spatial distribution of RDR2 (in red) and AGO4 (in green).

Drosophila leg precursor tissue showing the loss of Antennapedia gene function (green; cells that are dark have lost Antennapedia). Antennapedia mutant tissue generates abnormal outgrowths which display novel expression of both the Distalless protein (red) and spineless gene expression (blue).

Drosophila eye stained for Armadillo protein (red) and cell nuclei (blue).

Drosophila leg tissue stained for Antennapedia protein (green) and Distalless protein (red). Cells expressing both proteins appear yellow.

Drosophila pupal brain showing expression of GFP (green) in the mushroom body neurons. Brain is counterstained for all cell nuclei (blue) and the E93 protein (red).

Drosophila embryo stained for E93 protein (red) and all cell nuclei (blue).

Drosophila pupal leg stained for E93 protein (red) and Distalless protein (green). Both proteins are strongly expressed in the future bract cells (yellow).

Drosophila wing precursor stained for Decapentaplegic gene expression (green) and wingless transcript (red).

Neuron bodies and axons (green) expressing E93 protein (red) (Movie).

Drosophila leg tissue stained for Distalless protein (red) and spineless expression (blue). (Movie)

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