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Welcome to the Schaal Lab!

We are a group of graduate students with interests in plant evolution and diversity, working under the direction of Dr. Barbara Schaal, Mary-Dell Chilton Distinguished Professor of Biology.


We work on diverse projects, including studies of biogeography, crop evolution, invasive species, phylogeography, speciation, and systematics. We study a wide variety of plants, including Araceae, the Arundinoideae (Poaceae), Pinus (Pinaceae), and Oryza (Poaceae). Many of us work in collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Current lab folks and their research interests (in haiku): Follow the links for more details

Barbara Schaal, PhD
"La grande fromage"
Rice diversity,
insane amounts in Thailand-
how much, and from where?
Jordan Teisher
Graduate Student
Grass evolution:
Phylogenies and traits of
Poorly-sampled clades.
Graduate Student
Resplendent Aroids
of leaf forms unlimited,
share how you evolved.
Graduate Student
Sky island gene flow?
Shaped by climate and mountains?
In whitebark pine, yes!


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